Project Details

Client: Scottish Canals - United Kingdom

Location: Falkirk, Scotland - United Kingdom

Product used: MaxiLED Large Globe RGBW DMX

Controller used: Pharos


Falkirk tunnel, which is 690 yards in length and has a towpath running right through it, has been cut out of solid rock, with deep rock cuttings existing at both ends. There is constant water seepage through the roof. The tunnel which dates back to 1818 is part of the Union Canal and is located close to the iconic Falkirk Wheel. This tunnel is of some interest in that it dates earlier than the railway-tunnels and therefore, presumably, the oldest tunnel in Scotland. The tow-path inside the tunnel has been renovated and provided with a handrail for the use of pedestrians and cyclists.

Scottish Canals upgraded the existing functional lighting to programmable White LED, but in addition wanted to include a dynamic RGBW LED solution to add to the general atmosphere of the space. LITE worked in conjunction with Scottish Canals, a lighting designer and the contractor to provide an appropriate Lighting solution that could be programmed but also endure the testing conditions within the tunnel. LITE’s MaxiLED RGBW Festoon product was selected specifically because of the IP68 and IK07 rating and the easy installation method using catenary cable to reduce the amount of fixings.

Products used in this project


Pharos LPC

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Falkirk Tunnel