Key Features

• 512 DMX Controllable

• Available in Intelligent White

• Available in Static

• Dimmable (0-10V)

• Single strand runs as long as 330 ft (100m)

• IK07 (Impact resistance) - Globe


Maxiled lighting have developed the MaxiPENDANT 64mm range into a unique patent pending easy installation system for low power DMX projects over any two wires 1.5 or 2.5sqmm cable. The DMX install is simply the same wiring as a static install. This project is unique, it uses 3 phase track and adaptors with 1 phase removed, the DMX is running on the back of the power through the track and tells each individual light point what to do. All drivers and control can be housed 75metres away from the lighting. Simple, clean and unique especially for any installer that is not experienced in DMX installs.