Project Details

Client: Ardbeg Distillery

Location: Isle of Islay

Product used: MaxiLED Marker Effect

Controller used: Pharos


Located on the Hebridean Island of Islay, the Ardbeg Distillery was celebrating its 200 year anniversary. This combined with an overhaul of the main entrance to the visitor centre and the introduction of MaxiLED in-ground fittings to highlight the new stair case and also ColorBurst to illuminate the “original” copper whisky still. All the fixtures are controlled via a iPlayer3 controller.

The primary brief given to the team at MaxiLED lighting, was to enhance the visitors entrance using a LED Lighting solution. With the severe and volatile weather conditions experienced in the Scottish Isle of Islay. Water ingress would be a major concern for any product used in this location. The Environment played a major factor in choosing RGBW (DMX) MaxiLED spotlight series as this is Rated IP68. With unique data over power, wiring was kept to a minimum, ONLY using a single cable. The product is fully programmable, allowing the programmer to individually control any colour from RGBW spectrum on each and every individual Lamp.

Products used in this project

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MaxiLED Marker Effect RGBW


Pharos LPC

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Ardbeg Distillery