Project Details

Supplied by: Stockholm Lighting

Lighting design: Light Bureau

Product used: Large Globe series DMX RGBW controllable

Client: Stockholm City Council

Photography courtesy of: Anna Waernborg of Light Bureau

Controller used: Pharos LPC1


In the Tensta district of Stockholm, Sweden, the central square and taxi rank outside the shopping centre, the Taxingeplan, has for many years been perceived as an unsafe area. This is in part due to its secluded location and subsequent limited visibility. Furthermore, issues with illegal driving, which have caused hazardous conditions for visitors, have added to its poor reputation.

To address these issues, the City Council of Stockholm embarked on a regeneration project to transform the square. The key objectives were to ensure visitors felt safer, to add green space, to improve traffic safety and introduce better lighting.
To deliver the lighting scheme for the regeneration works, prominent lighting designers Light Bureau were appointed. To fulfil elements of the design, Stockholm Lighting were brought into the project by the Light Bureau and the City Council of Stockholm to source and specify the required lighting solutions.
The square is now adorned with its very own starry sky; festoons of coloured lights that are both an attraction in their own right and illumination during the hours of darkness. To create this majestic and inviting atmosphere, a number of MaxiLED Lighting Globe Series luminaires have been specified by Stockholm Lighting. This range of exceptionally long strands of globe-lensed LEDs are built to withstand harsh conditions and offer longevity, with rugged, injection-moulded outer globes and heavy gauge wiring. They combine form with function, delivering durability with a spectacular star-like effect.
To deliver a dynamic lighting scene, the MaxiLED globes are partnered with an LPC1 from Pharos Lighting Control. This system has been used to create a dynamic light scene for each day of the week until 10pm, when the globes switch to functional white light until 6am, when the dynamic lighting restarts for the day ahead.
Alongside other aspects of the regeneration programme, such as refurbishment works, an expansion for the square, renovated plant beds and pruning the trees to increase visibility, the square now has a better atmosphere, feeling safer and more accessible for Tensta’s residents and visitors.

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