Project Details

Client: Redcar and Cleveland Council

Location: Saltburn, North Yorkshire. UK.

Product used: Large Globe series DMX RGBW controllable

Controller used: Pharos and MaxiLINK


Standing proud in North Yorkshire, the pier in Saltburn by the Sea is one of only around 50 pleasure piers found across the UK coastline. Having been commissioned in 1867 and completed two years later, it has stood for over a century. It was determined that an LED system would be preferable over more traditional light sources as not only would that ensure less maintenance with better longevity, it would also allow for a controllable RGBW system. MaxiLED DMX RGBW globes were specified for the project by LITE, the UK partner for MaxiLED, who were appointed by Redcar and Cleveland Council to deliver the project in association with PFI contractor Bouygues. The lighting installation needed to enhance the structure of the pier in a subtle and classic way, and the DMX RGBW globes were ideal to fulfil this.

Installed in two runs of 250 metre, at 0.5 metre spacings, the globes are positioned 6m above the pier and beautifully illuminate the structure, the sand and sea. The 500 luminaires all offer the flexibility to change colour and intensity, and can be controlled using the system specified by LITE.
The overall system which the MaxiLED globes form part of now deliver a power consumption of 1.2Kw compared to the previous equipment which ran at approximately 5Kw. This is a significant saving, ensuring the council can be confident in the pier’s reduced energy consumption and lower running costs.

For more information on this project please download the case study.

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