Project Details

Location: River Thames Embankment, London. UK

Product used: MaxiLED Large Globe Static

Power: Low Voltage 24V


MaxiLED Large Globe static lighting installed along the iconic River Thames Embankment, surrounded by renowned landmarks such as Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and the Tower of London. The decision to use this lighting solution was influenced by its low voltage requirements and robust design, suitable for year-round illumination in a high-profile location.
The 24V system spans over a distance of 500 meters, demonstrating the scalability and effectiveness of the lighting solution for covering large areas. Additionally, highlighting the low maintenance aspect, along with a 5-year warranty and a life expectancy of over 12 years, speaks to the reliability and durability of the product.
This project not only enhances the visual appeal of the River Thames Embankment but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and long-lasting lighting solutions for public spaces.

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MaxiLED Large Globe Static