Project Details

Client: RIBA North

Location: RIBA - Liverpool, UK

Product used: MaxiLED Large Globe DMX RGBW controllable

Controller used: Pharos


The Environmental Ceramics for Architecture Laboratory (ECAlab) have designed and developed numerous architectural daylighting technologies to be manufactured in ceramics. Working in collaboration with the RIBA North National Architecture Centre, ECAlab and RIBA North presented the Ceramica Exhibition in 2017-18. This exhibition reconsidered a ceramic daylight diffusing ceiling cone so that it could be used as an electrically lit entire ceiling or as a lighting chandelier.

We chose to use the MaxiLED Large globe DMX controllable series because of it flexibility, control and the wide range of potential scenes. The exhibition used two different lamps within the ceiling, one that used a fixed warm white lamp, and one that used a programmable coloured lamp. Being given the use of MaxiLED specially manufactured portable lighting kit allowed us to experiment with different lighting scenarios, before deciding on a series of colours. Again, working with MaxiLED engineers we were able to programme a lighting performance along the whole ceiling to have control over numerous different scenes which were then looped for a continuous performance throughout the day. The computer generated preview was particularly helpful to understand what the final programmed ceiling would look like prior to installation. Ceiling loading restrictions within the gallery space meant that the weight of the lighting used was critical. The MaxiLED Large globe DMX Controllable lighting system proposed by MaxiLED was perfect for this installation because of the lightness and flexibility of the product.

Products used in this project

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MaxiLED Large Globe DMX RGBW


Pharos LPC

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RIBA Ceramica Exhibition