Project Details

Client: Havas - Creative Communications Agency

Location: Pancras Square - London

Product used: MaxiPENDANT 64mm DMX RGBW controllable

Controller used: Pharos


Working alongside the architect to design and develop a unique lighting solution. Foyer lights first welcome guests to your building and set the tone of first impressions. Our solution to develop our MaxiLED Large Globe series to be powered and controlled over a track system gave us the flexability to create different depths of light which enhanced the scale of the space. This was further enhanced by the use of a reflective material choosen for the upper interior surface.

Maxiled lighting have developed this range into a unique patent pending easy installation system for low power DMX projects over any two wires 1.5 or 2.5sqmm cable. The DMX install is simply the same wiring as a static install. This project is unique, it uses 3 phase track and adaptors with 1 phase removed, the DMX is running on the back of the power through the track and tells each individual light point what to do. All drivers and control can be housed 75metres away from the lighting. Simple, clean and unique especially for any installer that is not experienced in DMX installs.

Products used in this project

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