Project Details

Client: Solid State Lighting International

Location: Abidjan, Africa.

Product used: MaxiLED Focal Facade


Solid State Lighting Solution (SSLI) was given the task of illuminating the exterior of the hotel. Large panes of glass made up the facade of the structure which were fastened using steel supports which span vertically along the building. This gave SSLI very limited material to illuminate as the majority of the structure was glass.
The decision to highlight the structural lines of the building was taken, using MaxiLED Focal Facade high output. This traced the contours of the building with pinpoints of light.
The low voltage, high output model was chosen for its IP68 rating and simplicity for installation. The MaxiLED Focal Facade installation was problematic due to being installed on the intersection of the steel edging, therefore a bespoke corner bracket was designed and engineered under the strictest of deadlines and achieved the effect the client requested.

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