Project Details

Client: Light Project - Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Product used: Small Globe series Static


In Melbourne’s Garden State Hotel, the architects and interior designer has used architectural lighting solutions to craft the mood of its many spaces, while also accentuating the interior architecture. For such a large-scale project, the lighting needed to set the tone but also tell a story.
Light Project worked alongside Techne to imagine, plan and construct the lighting solutions that bring its many drinking and dining spaces to life. From the entrance, the lights carry the same materiality and design intent throughout the space. Lighting varies from small, intimate settings to vast pools of light. It accents joinery and furniture, while providing a soft indirect glow to the common areas.

MaxiLED Small globe luminaries are being used to great effect to illuminate the internal roof structure to add to the ambience. One of the main benefits of MaxiLED Small globe is the capability of exceptionally long runs using a single low voltage power source. The addition of low maintenance and a 5 year warranty as standard reflects the quality and confidence we have on this product.