Power & Control

MaxiLED Power and Control Solutions

MaxiLINK®: Power and Control MaxiLED RGBW products via DMX-512

MaxiLink Power and Control Solutions

Our MaxiLINK® product is used to control (via DMX-512) and power MaxiLED RGBW products such as the Focal Facade Series, Globe Series, Marker Effects Series and Spotlight Series.

One MaxiLINK® includes a lighting controller and power supply supplied together as a completely wired kit. On the input side, a DMX signal cable from a third party DMX player or show design software and power (120/240 VAC) connect to the MaxiLINK®. Data and power (48VDC) are then output together to the MaxiLED RGBW products on one cable. A single MaxiLINK® controller is typically dedicated to an individual run (or strand).

Because control requirements vary from project to project, please feel free to contact us with any questions about control for your MaxiLED products.

Data Sheets

Reference installation information for specific MaxiLED products for typical system diagrams and wiring information.

Key Features

Each unit controls up to 100 RGBW control points (400 DMX channels) and powers up to 305 ft (100 m) of cable.

IP68. Use in -13° to 122°F (-25° to 50°C) ambient temperatures.

UL (pending), CE

Power Supplies

Power supplies are delivered with MaxiLED products as a complete turn-key system. Depending on your project requirements, one or more of the following power supplies (or equivalents) may be used. Contact us if you have questions about the power supply requirements for your particular installation.

12v 100w
24v 100w
12v 120w
24v 150w
24v 240w
48v 100w
48v 240w
48v 320w
48v 600w