Marker Effects Series

MaxiLED Marker Effects Series

Highly impactful product for interior/exterior floors and pathways

A unique and complete lighting solution, the MaxiLED Marker Effects Series includes a versatile fixture that can be recessed for inground applications or placed in walls for pathway or beacon lighting applications.

Highly aesthetic bezeled stainless steel or anodized aluminum flanges surround a tempered frosted lens that evenly diffuses color-controllable RGBW (via DMX-512) lighting effects in the accent lighting model or use our optically sophisticated options to distribute light on landscaping, walls, or objects with your choice of four lighting distributions.

Durable stainless steel housings ensure reliability. With up to 100 fixtures on a single run, cable costs are reduced and installation is simplified. The product family also includes excellent LED 2-wire data/power technology for retro-fitting static installations with RGBW without refitting the cable network.

IK10 Rating - Recess Marker Effects fixtures in any indoor or outdoor floor. Install in cement, pavers, or other flooring materials. Control and synchronize RGBW effects with provided MaxiLink power and control unit.
Designate focal points in your landscape environment by installing Recess Marker fixtures in key areas to illuminate planting areas, trees, or sitting areas.
Recess Marker fixtures can also be used to designate pathways or illuminate stairs or other pedestrian passageways. Fixtures can be installed in indoor or outdoor walls or floors for these applications.
RGBW: DMX-512. Accent lighting or optically sophisticated models. Data delivered over power line.
Power Input: 110-240VAC (50/60 Hz)
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Key Features

Single strand runs as long as 330 ft (100m) reduce home runs to control unit and required cables.

Up to 100 fixtures per strand at desired spacing.

Marker Effects Series installation sleeve Installation accessories simplify installation during rough-in stage and ensure a proper fit in final installation.

Rugged: Stainless steel or anodized aluminum (silver or black) housings and tempered glass lenses resist weather elements and rigors of pedestrian traffic.

Attractive: Bezeled flanges provide aesthetically pleasing finish. Lighting effects are smoothly diffuse (accent model) or precise (optics model) with choice of four distributions.

14 AWG cables with multi-core copper conductors and weather resistant rubber insulators

IP68. Rugged and weather resistant. Use in -13° to 122°F (-25° to 50°C) ambient temperatures.

IK10 Rating. IK ratings Degree of Impact Protection EN62262. IK rating system is an International classification showing degrees of protection provided by luminaires against external mechanical impacts..

CE, IK10 impact protection