From facades to ingrounds, MaxiLED Lighting products include durable LED luminaires that are available with many options and features to meet the requirements of virtually any architectural lighting project.

Each product is engineered for reliable performance through even the most difficult of environmental circumstances. Choose from color-changing (RGBW) or select from available white temperature options — all delivered with reliable CREE LEDs. Control your installation with one of our turnkey control solutions or use your favorite third party DMX controller to deliver effects from slow and subtle to fast and attention grabbing.

Contact us with any questions. We would be happy to discuss how MaxiLED products can help you reach your project's lighting goals.

MaxiLED Focal Facade Series
MaxiLED Lighting Focal Facade Series

Impactful point-of-light fixtures with mounting brackets on long individual runs. More

MaxiLED Globe Series
MaxiLED Lighting Globe Series

Industrial-grade strands of LEDs for outlining architectural features. More

MaxiLED Marker Effects Series
MaxiLED Lighting Marker Effects Series

Durable fixture for inground or pathway lighting applications with multiple optics. More

MaxiLED Spotlight Series
MaxiLED Lighting Spotlight Series

Compact spotlights with a range of distributions for illuminating surfaces and landscaping. More

MaxiLED Retrofit Series
MaxiLink Power and Control

MaxiLED Retrofit bridging existing wiring with new DMX RGBW Technology. RGBW Multi-chip LED with standard GO10 fitting. DMX Fully controllable fixture bringing saturated and dynamic effects to existing GU10 housing. More More

MaxiPunch Static Series
MaxiLink Power and Control

The MaxiPunch Static series is elegant and in-keeping when installed on most building facades. More

MaxiLink Power and Control
MaxiLink Power and Control

Use the turnkey MaxiLink Power and Control Unit to manage your MaxiLink color-changing products. More

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