Globe Series

Globe Series

Versatile LED lighting strands that define architectural features


The MaxiLED Lighting Globe Series provides exceptionally long strands of globe-lensed LEDs that effectively outline trees, landscaping, buildings and bridges with color-changing lighting effects. The product family also includes excellent LED 2-wire technology options for retro-fitting static installations. Each strand is built for permanent installations with rugged, injection-molded outer globes, heavy gauge wiring, and dependable CREE LEDs.

Outline and define edges and curves of bridges, buildings, ships and other structures. The effect is an excellent addition to or replacement for existing direct view or accent lighting.
Bring trees and landscaping to life every evening of the year. Specialized accessories, IP68 rated fixtures, and 16 gauge cabling ensure each strand remains installed through various seasons without damage to trees or other plantings.
Use as highly durable festoon lighting year-round overhead and between buildings or other structures or as economical choice for re-usable lighting at festivals or holiday events.

Small Globe Series (SSG)

The Small Globe Series uses a 1-5/16 in (34 mm) diameter lens (clear or frosted) with specifier's choice of cool white, warm white, blue, red, green, or amber LEDs that operate on low 24V power. There is also a random RGB (red, green, blue) option available that runs on just 12V.

12V 24V .6W
RGB: Random red, green and blue effects. Power only.
Single Colors: Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Green and Amber
Power Input: 110-240VAC (50/60 Hz) on all models

Large Globe Series

The Large Globe Series uses a 2-1/2 in (63 mm) diameter lens (clear or frosted). The same small globe LED color and voltage options are available in the Large Globe Series with the addition of a DMX-controllable RGBW and high output warm or cool white models.

12V 24V 48V .6W 1.2W 2.35W
RGBW: DMX control of individual LED nodes
RGB: Random red, green, and blue effects. Power only.
Single Colors: Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Green and Amber
High Output: Cool White and Warm White
Power Input: 110-240VAC (50/60 Hz) on all models

Key Features

Single strand runs as long as 505 ft (153m).

Up to 200 LEDs per strand at desired spacing.

Two size globes Two sizes of Globes. Large: 2-1/2 in (63 mm) diameter. Small: 1-5/16 in (34 mm) diameter.

Multiple mounting options and accessories available including cable tie mounts, tree and landscaping bands, and trunking.

Frosted or clear globe lenses made with UV stabilized polycarbonate.

16 AWG cables with multi-core copper conductors and weather resistant rubber insulators

IP68. Rugged and weather resistant. Use in -13° to 122°F (-25° to 50°C) ambient temperatures.

Individually control RGBW LEDs via DMX over power cable with MaxiLink controller (Large Globe Series only). On/off power options available for single color LEDs.

UL/cUL (pending), CE, FCC, IK07 impact protection, BS EN 60598, IEC 60598