Retrofit Series - DMX RGBW GU10, E27 and B22

Using EXISTING Wiring. RGBW controllable Retrofit Fitting using MaxiLINK System. No REWIRE needed.


The MaxiLED DMX RGBW Retrofit provides fully controllable lighting using existing wiring. NO rewire needed.Saving huge costs. Replace existing fixtures for MaxiLED DMX RGBW Retrofit, add MaxiLINK wiring system at the front of wiring and control existing lighting.
With up to 100 RGBW fittings at 2.35W (100mAh) or 50 RGBW fittings at 4.7W (200mAh) fixtures per run, MaxiLED Retrofit provides maximum visual effects using existing wiring.

12V 24V 48V 2.35W/LED 4.7W/LED 100 150 190 300
GU10: RGBW High Output
GU10: RGBW Standard Output
GU10: Intelligent White High Output
GU10: Intelligent White Standard Output
E27: RGBW High Output
E27: RGBW Standard Output
E27: Intelligent White High Output
E27: Intelligent White Standard Output
B22: RGBW High Output
B22: RGBW Standard Output
B22: Intelligent White High Output
B22: Intelligent White Standard Output

Key Features

Single strand runs as long as 330 ft (100m).

LED options: RGBW or Intelligent White 2700k - 8000K

With up to 100 RGBW fittings at 2.35W (100mAh) or 50 RGBW fittings at 4.7W (200mAh) fixtures per run.

Retrofit design to directly replace existing fixtures. Must be used in conjunction with MaxiLINK system 48V

High output 4.7W and Standard output 2.35W available

Various lens available: 15° 25° 40° 15°x30° 180°(no Optic).

Individually control each RGBW fitting with MaxiLink controller.

UL/cUL (pending), CE.