About MaxiLED Lighting

MaxiLED was created based on a idea of simplifying what has been historically complicated LED installations, when DMX controllability is required. Normally a controllable LED installation requires one set of cables for electricity and one set of cables for data (controllability) which is not only a added expense in installing, but also a great challenge when retrofitting old technology.

MaxiLED combines power and data in to a single set of wires, which lowers installation cost for our customers and greatly simplify retrofit installations, when energy savings or dynamic solutions are desired. Using standard DMX as a protocol for control, means no restrictions in performance of the LED system, every luminaire in a MaxiLED system is individually addressable.

As a UK manufacturer MaxiLED prides itself on providing tried and tested products engineered with precision, but also with a strong focus on flexibility to create bespoke solutions. MaxiLED is a proven technology that is already represented internationally and have successful installations in USA, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.